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The Artistic Bonsai Circle (ABC) was formed in 1998 how to invest in PayPal stocks by a small group of experienced, like minded, Bonsai enthusiasts in the South Wales area of the UK. 

Our objectives are very simple. 

•  We aim to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for the art of Bonsai together in a spirit of mutual friendship and support.
•  To develop our skills and knowledge and thereby continually improving our Bonsai and how they are displayed.

We aim to do this through:-
Black Pine

•  regular but informal workshops where we can work on our trees together and benefit from each others knowledge in a social context.
•  attending seminars and workshops.
•  inviting guests to our meetings from whom we can learn.
•  personal study.
•  visiting Bonsai Shows and Dealers.
•  displaying our trees at local, national and international Bonsai event.

NOTE. We are now able to resume regular updates on the website. To see the latest update click on the NEW button at the top of this page or click here.
To view the tree shown on this Home page or in the Galleries then click on the image and it will show you the Tree Detail page for that tree. To see the Case History of the tree then click on Case History at the bottom of how to buy PayPal stocks in the Philippinesthat page.

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