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Bronze figures
Bronze eagle

This bronze crane was created by a very talented Dutch guy and is one of a very limited number that were produced.
It stands about 11cm high.

A delightful bronze snail created by a UK artist.
Note the detail in the shell.
4cm high. 6.5cm wide
Bronze deer created by a UK artist.
It stands 5cm high by 9cm wide.
These two cranes are made of bronze and made in Japan. The tallest one is 5.2cm high and the other is 4.5cm high.
This pair of small bronze snails was purchased at a well known Bonsai Nursery in Omiya village, near Tokyo, Japan.  The largest snail is only about 4cm long.
This little bronze frog only stands 1.2cm high and 3cm wide and was bought in Japan.
Japanese made bronze crab.
1.3cm high, 4cm wide
These two hand painted , metal cranes stand only 4cm high.
Field mouse with an ear of corn, made of pewter by Mike Andrews UK.
1.5cm high. 4cm wide.
This pair of toads is carved from wood, in the style of a Netsuke. Purchased in Asakusa.
2.7cm high. 5cm wide.
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