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Case history - 1
The left photo below shows the cork bark black pine shortly after it was purchased from another member.

The tree in June 2002

April 2000.
June 2002
The tree shown on a stand

March 2005.
Height: 78cm. Spread: 74cm.
Pot: Japanese.

The three photos above show the "flower" on this pine. The candle has not yet developed and is still a bud. In the centre photo the flowers had gone soft and powdery and in the photo on the right they have been removed.
Front view of tree
Back view of tree
22nd October 2008. These photos show the front and back views of the tree.
It will be seen when comparing the photo above with those at the top of the page that the lower right branch now has no foilage.
The close up photo on the right shows this branch. During the winter of 2007/8 all the needle went brown and died. The cause is not known, but this type of problem does happen with these cork bark trees.
Close up of lower branch
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