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Case history - 2
10th February 2009.
The tree was last repotted in 2005 and it was intended to repot this year. When the tree was lifted out of the pot then it was seen that it did not need doing this year.
The top media was removed as there was a lot of weeds on the surface and new top dressing was applied as can be seen in this photo.
Front view of tree
Wooly aphids on one branch Close up of wooly aphids
September 2009. These two close up photos show woolly aphids that were discovered at the beginning of the month. This appeared at the top of the tree and was treated with an insecticide.
9th September 2009.
The tree has not put on too much growth this summer, but is a nice dark green. This photo shows the tree after it has been trimmed.
Front view on stand
Roots after removal from pot February 15th 2010.
The tree has just been lifted out of the pot and the roots are looking good.
The tree was last repotted in 2005 and has been done again this year.
16th March 2010.
This photo was taken 4 weeks after the tree was repotted using 60% Akadama and 40% Kiryu.
Front view of tree on stand
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