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Case history - 1
This Cryptomeria japonica was brought into the UK by a dealer in January 2000 and was purchased by the owner two months later.
The tree in 2002
The tree on a stand
June 2002
August 2003
The tree on a stand in 2005
The tree after trimming June 2005

March 2005.
Height: 73cm. Spread: 39cm.
Pot: Japanese

June 2005.
The new growth has just been pinched, and the branches trimmed as required.

The tree is shown before pruning
The tree after pruning
September 2005.
During the summer the tree was fed three times with BioGold, and about three times with a liquid feed. This is the first time that it has been pruned since June. Care must be taken not to prune back too much at this time of the year as it does tend to go brown during the winter.
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