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Case history

This hawthorn was collected from the mountainside in South Wales at the end of March 1999.

Photo of tree from the frontback view of tree

The soil was very rocky with a lot of shale and so it had quite a lot of fibrous roots with only two large roots and no tap root. The tree was planted straight into this Mica pot. These photos show the front and back of the tree.

The tree has been wired and shaped

During 1999 & 2000 the tree was kept in this pot without disturbing the roots.
During 2000 it was decided that this would be the front, and the branches, top right, were covered with raffia, and using heavy wire they were bent into position as shown.

Front view of tree in 2000Tree raised up at an angle

These two photos demonstrate the probable angle that the tree would be when repotted.

Good root structure

In the first week of February 2001 the tree was repotted. It can be seen from these photos that the roots are very good.

This photo shows the tree just before it was repotted.

It was necessary to bend the large root to the left of the tree so as to be able to angle the tree as required in the new pot.

Click here to see how this was done.

Tree ready for replanting
Tree after repotting 2000

This photo was taken just after it was repotted.
The pot was made by Ian Bailey, and was purchased at the Joy of Bonsai 2000.

This photo is a close up of the one above.

Close up of lower trunk
Close up of large root This photo shows a close up of the large root which has moss added to the surface so that the potting media remains in place and it does not dry out and so prevent the growth of new roots underneath.


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