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Case history - 1
The tree two years after collection November 1994.
The tree was dug up from a car park in Spring 1992, and was then put into this plastic mushroom container, and left for two years before any work would start on the tree..
At the time it was dug up all the branches were above the position where the trunk was cut. All the branches shown in this photo have grown whilst in the container.
View of tree with some foilage

November 1995.
This tree was originally collected with the idea of carving the trunks, and in this photo it has been started.

The tree in 2002

April 2002.
Pot: Beryl Thorpe.
Height: 50cm. Spread: 62cm.

The bare tree in March 2004
The tree in foilage in April 2005
March 2005
April 2005
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