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Case history - 1
The front of the tree is shown here on a stand
The back view of the tree
These photos were taken March 2005 just as the leaves started to open.
Pot: Tokoname. Ht: 65cm. Spread: 60cm.
The tree in leaf June 2005
View of the tree from the back
These photos were taken June 2005 just after the branches were trimmed, and small unnecessary small shoots removed. The leaves were all cut off in early May when they had hardened.
The tree before trimming
The tree after it has been trimmed
17th July 2005. At the end of June some long shoots had been cut off. On this occasion all the long shoots were cut back to two leaves. This varied in some places where it was necessary to shape the pads so they did not appear flat. All downward leaves were removed, and it was thinned out to maintain space between the pads and so let in more light.
The tree just beginning winter colours

6th October 2005.
This photo was taken just as the colours began to change. It was intended to take a photo in Autumn colours, but unfortunately there was strong winds and the leaves were blown off.
The tree was fed four times during the year with Bio-Gold.
Long shoots were trimmed as required through out the year.

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