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Case History
Kohonoe white pine
Kohone white pine
June 2001
June 2002
Photo of the tree October 2005

This Japanese white pine Kohonoe is a very slow growing variety.

It was purchased from a dealer in May 2002 a few months after it had been imported from Japan.

October 2005
The tree in 2006 before trimming
The tree after trimming
May 2006. These two photos show the tree before and after trimming the candles.
Close up of top of tree This is the first year that it has been necessary to cut the candles, but as can be seen it put on a lot of new growth this year.
This photo shows the top candles, and as there were small candles at the base these were removed.
Height: 71cms. Spread: 56cms.
Japanese pot.
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