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Case history - 1
A photo of the tree when it arrived in the UK.
Close up of the trunk

The tree just after it arrived in the UK

The tree in March 2005

The tree has now been repotted back in the same pot in February 2005.
It will be seen that with the wire removed the lower branch on the left side has raised up and this will be dealt with later once the tree has settled in the new pot. In the photo below (March 2005) wiring of the top branches has started to take place.

Close up of top branches after wiring

Height: 86cm. Spread: 94cm
Thickness of trunk: 14.5cm

View of tree June 2005

9th June 2005.
The candles have been pruned back, and dead needles removed.
The left lower branch has been wired down with heavy wire.
In time it is intended to build up and lengthen the lower branch on the other side, and then shorten this branch so as to better balance the tree.


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