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Case history
The tree when it was collected in 1986
The tree in 1988 with trunk bent to shape

This seedling was found growing in the garden in June 1986, and was put in a 5" clay pot as shown in the photo on the left.
In 1998 it was decided to bend the trunk to make a cascade style as shown above.

In 1986 I had attended the National Bonsai Exhibition in Bristol and saw this cascade hawthorn exhibited by Dan Barton.
I decided that it was what I wanted to copy for this tree, but with my level of knowledge of bonsai in those days it was rather an ambitious project, but it gave me something to aim for.


This photo of Dan's tree was taken at the exhibition in 1986 and has been scanned from "The Bonsai Book" by Dan Barton. This book also shows the history of this tree from a seedling.
Check here to see how this tree has improved over the years. The photo was taken May 2005.

A photo of Dan Barton's tree in 1986
Unfortunately photographs of the tree are not available between 1988 and 2005. The tree has taken a long time to develop mainly because it has not been worked on often enough and has just been left to grow on. When the main trunk had developed there was a problem over two years to get side branches to develop on the main trunk and this is often a problem with cascade trees like this. It was put in a larger container for two years planted on it's side so the main trunk was horizontal, and side shoots developed.
the tree in 2005 before trimming
The tree in 2005 after frimming
The tree was repotted into this pot in February 2005. These two photos were taken in May 2005, and Dan Barton has helped me a lot to get this tree into shape.
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