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Case history - 1
This Japanese black pine was purchased from a dealer in February 2007 shortly after it had arrived in the UK. This photograph was taken at that time.
The tree when purchased
February 2007
This photo shows the river sand that was used as media for the tree. This is common practise in the warmer southern part of Japan, but makes it very difficult to tell when it needs watering.
The river sand on top of the roots.
This is the root system as it was taken out of the pot. The roots were teased out, trimmed, then hosed down and repotted using 70% Akadama and 30% Kiryu.
View of the roots before they were washed
Front view of the tree
Back view of the tree

The two photos above show the front and back of the tree were taken just after the tree was repotted February 2007.

The photo on the right was taken a few days later with the camera raised up and gives a better view of the foilage.

The tree on a stand

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