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One of the aims of our group is to display our trees at local, national and international Bonsai events.
Our members have exhibited their trees at many events in the UK, including most Association of British Bonsai Artists events, and at the RHS Chelsea Flower show.
A Cinese elm on a stand with accant plant
A Black pine on a stand with accent plant

The two trees above were exhibited at the Bonsai UK Exhibition in Bath in June 2004.
The tree on the left is a Chinese elm, and on the right is a root over rock Japanese black pine.
The black pine and one other tree were exhibited at Ginkgo 2003. See award certificate.
Click here to see more trees shown at exhibitions.

We were invited to stage a display at the Swindon and District Winter Image show in 2006.
View of the stand at the Swindon show

These two photos show our display at the Swindon and District Winter Image show on February 18th 2006.

On the right is the Chinese elm which won an award at the show.

A chinese elm with award certificate
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