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Exhibition Swindon 2009
We were invited to stage a display at the Swindon and District Winter Image show in 2009, and this was the fourth time in a row that we exhibited at this show.
View of the stand at the Swindon show 2009
View of Western Hemlock
View of Stewartia

The photo above left shows the windswept Western Hemlock, and above right is an informal upright Stewartia monadelpha.

On the right is the shohin part of our display. On the left is a broom style Zelkova, and on the tall stand is a semi-cascade red pine.

View of Artic birch with scroll and accent plant
The shohin award

This award was presented to our stand by the British Shohin Association for the best shohin display.
Close up photos of the shohin trees can be seen here.

Two of our members were also asked to display trees in the main exhibition and they can be seen here.

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