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Exhibition Swindon 2012
We were invited to stage a display at the Swindon and District Winter Image show in 2012, and this was the seventh time in a row that we exhibited at this show.
View of the stand at the Swindon show 2009
Award for best visiting club   This year we won the award for the Best Visiting Club.
Cryptomeria Japonica seen here with a broom Zelkova as an accent.   View of Crytomeria with accent

Shohin display: Itoigawa, Chojubai, Potentilla, and Chinese elm.

  View of shohin display
Acer palmatum deshojo with black grass as an accent plant.   View of acer with accent

Two of our members were also asked to display trees in the main exhibition and they can be seen here.
Two members also showed trees in the Shohin section and these can be seen here.

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