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Bonsai Europa 2015
Page 2. Some more members trees exhibited at Bonsai Europa 2015.

Japanese white pine (Pinus parvifolia "Kokonoe").

This tree won Best Evergreen tree in the show. The companion planting is a Shohin Trident Maple root over rock style.

  View of white pine on stand

Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum).

  Japanese Yew
Shohin display
This Shohin composition won Best Display in Show and comprises of a Juniper Itoigawa (top left), Chinese Elm (top right), Japanese white pine (bottom left) and Pyracantha (bottom right). The fifth tree in the composition is a Zelkova serrata.   View of trophu
The trophy was a stunning cascade pot by Stone Monkey Ceramics.
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