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Case history
This hemlock was originally collected from a South Wales forest in March 1996 and potted up into a plastic growing pot in a good open mix compost and left to recover.
The tree after it was collected
The tree being reshaped

The tree was taken to a one-to-one workshop with Dan Barton. I had envisaged a short dumpy design for the tree due to the squat thick nature of the trunk. The thicker heavy branches were cut back to stubs for later carving and the remaining main leader branch and apex branch were wrapped in raffia and wired parallel with the branch, more raffia was then applied and finally the branches wired in the traditional 45 degree manner.

The tree after wiring
The bark was removed from the heavy cut off branch stubs ready for later carving. The whole tree was then wired and all the branches placed to form a squat windswept image.
The heavy branches stripped of bark

Close up view of the heavy branches stripped of bark ready for future carving. There is also an area marked with chalk that will also be included in the carved area at a later date when the tree has settled down.

The carving to the deadwood element of the tree was carried out in 1998 along with the removal of some of the wiring which had started to bite in. 1999 was a slow year for the tree with not a great deal of growth in the foliage. All the wiring to the secondary smaller branches was removed leaving only the main branch line still bound in raffia and wire.

Carving has been done on the trunk

Close up view of the carving of the deadwood element of the tree carried out in 1998. The carving was also extended down the trunk. The area that had been marked with chalk during the initial bark removal process.

Close up view of the carved deadwood
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