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Case history - 10
Top of tree after trimming   Close up of foilage after trimming
These pictures illustrate the upper section of the tree and a detailed view of the foliage.
Wire that was cut off the tree  

The work on the tree continued on into the next day and at that time I ended up de-wiring the whole tree, the adjacent picture shows the amount of wire that was removed.


Foilage removed by scissor cutting

With all the existing wire removed the work of scissor pruning the foliage could continue and at the end of the day quite a bit had been removed as can be seen from the adjacent photo.

Close up of foilage after pruning   These three detail photos were taken after the scissor pruning was carried out and details various views of the tree from above.
Close up of foilage after pruning  
Front view of tree after wiring   The following day the tree was taken along to a Classical Bonsai Circle workshop at Dan Barton’s where some time was spent carrying out some refinement wiring of the newly pruned foliage to form more horizontal pad lines rather than the ends of the foliage rising up as they were in places.
The adjacent photo shows the tree after this had been carried out.
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