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Case history - 11
The following weekend the tree was prepared for the Swindon show by top dressing the compost surface with fine Akadama/Fugi grit and applying some fine moss in places. The pot was cleaned and lightly oiled with Camellia oil which made the oxides in the pot glaze look much richer.
On 22 February 2009 the tree was displayed at the Swindon Winter Image show as part of our Artistic Bonsai Circle three table display. It was at this show that I was approached by Steve Tolley to exhibit the tree at the forthcoming Best of British show at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens later in the year.   Display at the Swindon Show
Just before the start of the Best of British show in April I took the day off work to prepare the tree for the show. I removed all of the dead or yellowing needles that had got trapped under the refinement wiring that had been carried out just before the Swindon Show. Generally tidied up the foliage lines and removed downward pointing shoots/needles and cleaned and re-oiled the pot.
The stand at the Best of British Show   The tree was displayed at the Best of British show at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens which was a two day show over 11th and 12th April 2009. With the tree was a scroll with picture insert of Cherry blossom and a bronze grass accent displayed on a timber slice jitta.

During the remainder of the year the tree was maintained with regular finger pinching and scissor pruning of the new shoots and growth extensions, together with feeding with Bio-Gold fertiliser pellets and supplemented with liquid feeds of Miracle-Gro Ericaceous for Azalea, Camellia, & Rhododendrons (which used to be known as Miracid). In addition the foliage was sprayed with Maxicrop (extract of seaweed and sequestered iron, in the blue bottle).

Over the bank holiday weekend of August 2009 the tree was displayed at the Bristol Bonsai Societies show at Westonbirt arboretum.

Towards the end of May 2010 the tree was displayed as part of a five tree display at my local Church which was holding a plant give away day as part of a local outreach programme.

The remainder of the year comprised of the usual maintenance work of scissor pruning the new growth extensions.

The tree was overwintered in the conservatory as we had a particularly cold winter. From the end of November up until Christmas day we had temperatures which went down as low as -12.6 degrees in the garden and we also had two heavy snow falls which gave us an overall depth of around 125mm.

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