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Case history - 12

Towards the end of March 2011 the process of re-potting the tree started, which was well over due as the last time the tree had been re-potted was back in 2006. The roots had basically started to push the tree up out of the pot so action was called for. The first main issue would be freeing the tree from the pot and the following photos illustrate the method I had to employ.

Using a chisel to remove soil   Using a hammer on the chisel
Using chisel inside the pot  
I started working around the perimeter of the pot with a re-potting sickle and root hook but it was soon apparent that these implements were not man enough for the job so I ended up using a wood chisel and hammer to cut sections of the root ball away from the perimeter of the pot to create a nominal 10mm or so wide gap around the pot.   Photo of pot after completing channel
This process was not going to be a quick one and I would be unable to finish the process that day and carry out the remainder of the re-potting once the tree was released from the pot. To protect the now exposed section of root ball until I could finish the re-potting the trench I had created was back-filled with fine chipped bark that orchid growers use and the root ball plus back-filling well watered.
The following weekend when I had more time the process of removing the tree from its pot continued. The chipped bark was removed from the trench and the process of extending its depth continued until the tree was able to be lifted out of the pot.   The chipped bark removed from the pot
Ready fr lifting out of the pot   Another part of the soil before removing from pot
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