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Case history - 14
Front view of tree  
The above pictures were taken at the beginning of July 2011 and the tree is growing well with plenty of new growth extensions which are finger pinched as required.
Front view after trimming and wiring  

In October the tree was taken to our Artistic Bonsai Circle group meeting where this years growth extensions were scissor pruned back to pad profiles and some refinement wiring was carried out. In addition the foliage from a bottom back branch which was dropping down and distracting to the overall image of the tree was removed.

The tree was generally prepared for the forthcoming Capel Manor show, including cleaning and oiling the pot and top dressing with moss and fine Akadama/Fugi grit.
Tree on display at Capel Manor
The tree was exhibited at the Capel Manor show on 16th October 2011 with a Suiseki viewing stone and scroll with picture insert depicting a yellow sun partly obscured by a cloud.
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