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Case history - 17

Towards the end of October the tree was submitted for display at the 2014 Noelanders Trophy show in Belgium.

The tree was overwintered in the conservatory where it also had the benefit of the supplementary light from the 400 watt grow light that comes on from midday to 4pm. Over the December period we had some night time temperatures that ranged between -1.7 to -3.4 degrees over a few days.

During our January 2014 Artistic Bonsai Circle group meeting the tree was worked on to prep it for the forthcoming Noelanders Trophy show in Belgium. I had spent a few hours carrying out some foliage refinement wiring over the Christmas break prior to our meeting. During our meeting some further refinement wiring was carried out together with the compost surface being top dressed with moss and fine Akadama/Fugi grit. The pot (the original pot since 2001) was cleaned and lightly oiled with Camellia oil and some new protection pads were also applied to the pot feet to protect the display table.

During the afternoon we had set up the photo studio room with a table, black cloth and plain background to set up a display with several different display tables to see which looked the best.
The first set up was using the taller square table that the tree has historically been displayed on. The general consensus was that it made the tree took a bit unstable.   Front view with high stand
The second set up was using a much lower rectangular table.  
The third set up was using a slightly taller rectangular table having a shaped bottom rail. On discussion it was considered that the table was a bit too fussy for the image.   Front view of tree on rectangular stand

The fourth set up was using a quite low larger rectangular table which also had a bottom rail, however we were not happy with this table either.

Final arrangement for the show
The consensus of opinion was that the second set up provided the best image. A photo was then set up against a white background complete with the inclusion of an accent plant.
On display at Noelanders
On the weekend of 18th and 19th of January 2014 the tree was displayed at the Noelanders Trophy show in Belgium.
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