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Case history - 18

Since it had only been four weeks since the tree was displayed at the Noelanders Trophy show the tree was already basically prepped ready for the Swindon Winter Image show and only needed some minor tidying up and a light re-oiling of the pot.


On 23rdFebruary 2014 the tree was displayed at the Swindon show. I used the same mixed grass companion planting on a bamboo jitta that I used at Noelanders and supplemented the display with a scroll with a picture insert depicting spring blossom.

Four weeks on from the Swindon show and the tree was prepared for re-potting, but into the new larger oval landscape pot which I had bought last year and already carried out a photo montage re-potting to see how it would look. The change into this larger pot will not only be beneficial horticulturaly to give the trees root ball more growing room but also improving the image of the tree, as a few people think the tree now looks visually unstable in the square pot that it has lived in for many years.   View of pot before repotting
Part of the moss removed   roots growing up under the moss
The first job was to remove all the moss top dress that had been put on for the Noelanders show and as can be seen from these photos the trees surface roots had grown into the underside of the moss.
The surface of the compost/root ball was worked back a little to uncover the aluminium tie in wires which were then undone. I usually like to locate the tie in wires at the top of the root ball level with all of my trees rather than just cut the wires from the underside of the pot and then find and remove the rest from the root ball during the thinning out once the tree is out of its pot, this is where a diagramme of how the tree was tied in becomes very useful.  

Channel started around edge of pot

  Use of saw bladed sickle
Using the root hook   Using a wood chisel to remove the soil
I then proceeded to channel around the perimeter of the root ball at the pot edge with a variety of implements, the normal re-potting sickle, together with a saw bladed Japanese sickle to cut through the perimeter root mass and a root hook to remove the material as I worked. As I got deeper into the pot a wood chisel was also used, this was something I have done in the past as well. With the pot being 150mm deep I had to create a channel over 75mm deep before there was any sign of the tree being able to be released from the pot. The process took around 2 hours from when I started to the point of the tree being out of its pot.
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