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Case history - 19
As can be seen from the adjacent photo a fair bit of material was removed in the “channelling” process.   Material removed from pot
This photo illustrates the difference in sizes of the existing pot and the new pot. The existing pot is 150mm tall and 280mm square whereas the new pot is 125mm tall and has an oval dimension of 500mm long by 390mm deep.   View of new and old pot

This photo shows the tree upon removal from the pot, you can see the depth of the perimeter channelling that was required before the tree would release from the pot. The whole root ball was quite solid as usual with all the young white tipped roots at the bottom 25mm of the pot. In fact the tree had pushed up the pot as the drainage mesh was a good 10mm or so up into the root ball base.

  Roots after removal from pot

View of roots

  The base compost being removed
The existing root ball had to be reduced in depth so that it sat right in the new shallower pot, so I worked away with a root hook to remove the base compost. The roots were trimmed back nominally but also spread out in order to grow out away from the main root ball.  

Having prepared the new pot with plastic mesh over the drainage holes and fitted 2mm and 2.5mm aluminium tie in wires the base of the pot was filled with a compost drainage course comprising of large sieved Akadama and Kiryu.

  Pot prepared for re-potting
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