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Case history
The tree in 1999

By August of 1999 the raffia/wire combination to the main branches had been removed and the foliage was now starting to become denser. In 2000 some re-wiring had to be done due to the development of the foliage, this was removed later in the year. During the year the foliage growing tips had been pinched back resulting in a profusion of new shoots.

The tree in 2001

In February 2001 the tree was potted up into a handmade ceramic bonsai pot. A well draining open compost mix was used. The tree had a mass of roots and required quite heavy pruning to fit the pot. At the same time a part of one of the lower branches was also removed, which improved the image now the tree was potted up. During the year the tree put on good growth, in fact the foliage is now getting too dense.

The tree as it looked in 2001

In September 2001 the tree was taken to the Association of British Bonsai Artists members' workshop and a lot of thinning out was carried out, along with re-wiring and placement of branches.
The tree in 2002

During 2002 the foliage growing tips were pinched out and wire removed as and when required to prevent wire marks.

Detail of carved deadwood element of the trunk can be seen in the photo on the right

Detail of the carved deadwood
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