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Case history - 20

A layer of the new compost mix was then applied, this mix comprised of:

½ part John Inns No. 2
1 part medium sieved Akadama
1 part composted (orchid fine grade) bark
1 part medium sieved horticultural grit.

Some bone meal and trace element frit was also added to the mix.
  Compost added to pot
The tree positioned in the pot   The tree in position in the new pot
The tree was positioned in the pot and worked down into the initial base layer of compost mix by rotating it back and fourth.

The tree wired into the pot

  Tree wired into position in pot

The tree was then tied down into position in the pot. Photographs of how the trees are tied into the pot can be useful at future re-pottings in order to locate them. I also like to do a simple diagramme of how all my trees are tied into the pots.

  Wiring diagram
The compost was then worked around the root ball and finally watered in with water containing Dyna-Gro liquid K-L-N rooting concentrate. Upon completion of the re-potting the tree was brought into the conservatory for protection.   Pottong complete
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