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Case history - 21
The tree was basically left to settle into its new pot and from the limited amount of shoot growth that it made during the year compared to its usual growth habit it can be assumed that the tree decided with the much larger pot to make root rather than top growth.
The following pictures were taken during the second week in July and indicate the level of top growth, which was subsequently pruned back at a Classical Bonsai workshop at Dan Barton's.

Front view of the tree

  Close up of some of the extensions
Extensions at the top of the tree   Close up of side branches
The tree was maintained with watering and feeding for the remainder of the year and also given some winter protection.

Front view of tree before trimming

  Front view with part of tree trimmed

These three pictures were taken in the first
week of June 2015 at various stages of shoot extension pruning, which took the best part of the day to complete and in contrast to last years and a month earlier the top growth extensions are probably twice as long.

  Front view of tree after trimming

It would appear that the tree is putting on top growth rather than root development.
I know that during last year most of the work the tree was involved in was root growth out of the existing root ball into the now free space that surrounds it from the bigger pot.
Many of these fine roots can now be seen on the surface of the compost which was for a period of time covered with one of my black plastic “rain coats” which I use to control the watering of my trees. However in this case because the tree was throwing out new roots all around a lot crept above the compost level due to the dark plastic sheet over it.

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