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Case history - 22

Front view before trimming

  Front view of tree after trimming
It has been six weeks since the last scissor pruning so the tree was in need of a bit of a hair cut and the photos illustrate the before and after together with the amount of foliage that was removed.  

Close up of the deadwood

  Close up of the deadwood

After scissor pruning I took the opportunity to take some photos of the deadwood element of the tree and could also see that the top section had a couple of large cracks in it which may need some attention to protect the deadwood from any further decay.


The following day the tree was taken along to a Classical Bonsai Circle gathering hosted by Dan Barton where during the day some further scissor pruning was undertaken along with some refinement wiring to maintain the foliage pad lines. The deadwood also had a coat of lime sulphur and ink mix applied which was left to dry then Ronseal wood hardener was worked into the cracked areas. It was during this time that an area of rot was discovered and upon removal of the rotting wood quite a deep hole was disclosed which would require filling with a suitable material such as a two part epoxy putty. This work would have to wait for another time as no epoxy putty was available at this time. The deadwood element  was covered with a small plastic food bag to keep it dry from any rain we may get until further work can be done.

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