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Case history - 27

Towards the end of September 2016 it was noticed that the deadwood element to the front of the trunk was beginning to suffer due to weather damage. Since the epoxy putty repairs the previous year sections of the deadwood had further split so I decided to strengthen these areas using a weather proof glue and elected to use Gorilla glue. This is strange stuff to work with and not easy since you have to dampen one of the surfaced to be glued and I was trying to glue together cracks in the deadwood rather than two separate items.
The glue reacts with the moisture and expands so you have to remove any excess with whatever suitable tool that will do the job before it hardens.
The glued sections also needed to be held together so aluminium bonsai wire was used as a tourniquet to pull the sections together until the glue had dried.

These photos were taken a few weeks after the glue repair had been done.

Side view of the repaired crack which is highlighted in red.

  Front view of tree after trimming
Front view of the deadwood with bonsai wire tourniquet.  

The repaired crack highlighted in red.

  Close up of the deadwood

Gorilla glue.

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