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Case history
Photo of tree in September 20033

September 2003.
During 2002/3 general care and foilage training techniques were employed, but generally the tree was becoming too dense and needed some major re-working to get it back to a more compact image.

Photo of the tree in June 2004

In June 2004 the tree was taken to a workshop with Marco Invernizzi of Italy, organised by The Association of British Bonsai Artists, with a view to re-evaluating the tree and reworking it to get back to a more compact image.
All of the foilage pads were heavily thinned out and some main branch extensions cut back to reduce the overall length of the branch. Raffia was then applied (to protect the bark when branch bending) to the main left hand branch prior to wiring.

This photo shows a detail view of the raffia bound branch prior to wiring and bending. The raffia is applied wet and wound around the branch tightly in order to prevent the bark seperating from the cambian layer (the layer of living cells between the bark and sapwood) when the branch is bent into position.

Close up of branches with raffia
Photo of the tree in June 2004 June 2004.
View of the tree after all the branches have been wired and placed into position. The image of the re-worked tree is much more compact and balanced now. The foilage pads will dense up, but will need to be pinched back regularly in order to maintain a reasonably light image,
Detail view of new foilage shoots.
These shoots are left to extend about 25mm before the growing tip is finger pinched out. This encourages back budding to take place which produces denser foilage pads.
Close up of new foilage shoots
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