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Case history - 31

Another couple of months later in August 2017 further scissor pruning was carried out on the second flush of growth extensions that had been produced since June.

Several of the left hand branches were also wired to bring down the pad lines and open up spaces between the foliage. Quite a bit of work was also done around the back of the tree, again wiring down branches and also utilising guy wires to connect an upper branch to a lower anchor branch.

The tree had been submitted for the Bonsai Europa 2017 exhibition in Bury and it was in the second week of August that notifications were being sent out regarding which submitted trees had been accepted and this tree was amongst the accepted trees.

In September further preparation work was carried out on the tree including further selective scissor pruning and a small amount of fine wiring to some shoots. In addition a length of heavy copper wire was applied to a section of the lower right hand branch in order to bring a section of it down more to split up the pad line in that area. I also applied some heavier wire to the back bottom branch, which back in August I was contemplating removing, but instead raised it up a bit using the heavier wire.

The final prep work in October leading up to the show comprised of top dressing the whole of the compost with fine moss together with cleaning and oiling the pot.
The above photos show the tree displayed at Bonsai Europa 2017 with a mixed grass accent planting on bamboo jitta. The Japanese scroll has a picture insert depicting blackberries as a seasonal interest.
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