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Case history
The tree on a semi-cascade stand

April 2005.
We are now in the second week of April 2005, the tree was photographed at our Artistic Bonsai Circle group meeting, and in the close up image it can be seen that the new buds are starting to swell.
Pot was made by the owner.
Height: 73cm. Spread: 90cm.

Pruning with scissors being carried out
The shoot after cutting back

At this time some light shoot pruning was also undertaken. We could see certain areas of the tree that had grown beyond the desired point and there was no point in allowing the new buds to shoot in these areas and continue to grow on, so they were cut back to a bud further back along the shoot. On the right is a view of the shoot after cutting back. The cut point is just in front of buds that will be allowed to develop.

View of the new shoots after 4 weeks It is now four weeks later and the new buds have opened and are developing well. These new shoots are already around 20mm long.
Full view of tree in bud
Shows growth of shoots of 30mm

We are now in the third week of May 2005, already some of the new shoots that have developed have had some careful fine wiring done. Many of the shoots are now 30mm or more long and now require finger pinching. This will check the shoot growth and encourage more back budding to produce a denser foliage pad. This pinching back needs to be continued throughout the growing season, for although we want the pads to build up in density we do not want them to become too dense. The image of this tree requires that it is reasonably light and airy.

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