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Case history
Drainage layer in the pot

The pot has been cleaned out, new mesh wired into the drainage holes, new tying in wires provided and the bottom of the pot has had a drainage layer of large particle (after sieving) Akadama added.

Next layer of media in pot

The next layer to go into the pot is the actual compost mix, which is a mix I have used on a number of trees for many years and comprises of:-
1 part John Inns No. 2
1 part moss peat
1 part composed (orchid fine grade) bark
2 parts horticultural grit
2 parts Akadama.

NOTE. There are several types of soil that could be used and many members use a mix of Akadama and Kiryu. It is a matter of preference.

Working in the media The tree has been placed in the pot and wire tied into position. The new compost is then worked in between the root ball and pot using a chopstick to compact the compost particles such that there are no voids. I have found that the best technique having inserted the chopstick into the compost mix is to wiggle the chopstick back and forth rather than use the chopstick as a ram into the compost.
The roots after repotting

The tree after re-potting. A top dressing of finely sieved Akadama could be applied to hide the larger compost particles but this is only really necessary when the tree is being displayed at a show.

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