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Case history - 9
  May 2008.
These pictures were taken in the third week of the month and show the new soft foliage growth which needs to be finger pinched back.
close up of new foilage   Close up of new foilage

Detail view of the new foilage


A month later towards the end of June 2008 the remaining new growth has hardened off and new shoots have formed further back along the shoot, promoted by the pinching of the growing tips a month earlier. Now further scissor pruning of the foliage pad profiles is carried out.

At the beginning of October 2008 some further scissor pruning was carried out together with some wiring of some shoots back to the pad profile lines.

No further work was carried out on the tree for the remainder of the year.


The following year during the second week of February 2009 I started to tidy up the foliage pads a bit and do some thinning out as I had it in mind to possibly display the tree at the forthcoming Swindon Winter Image show.
Front view of tree before trimming   This picture shows the tree prior to the start of the scissor pruning to thin out the foliage pads. Some de-wiring work was also carried out at this time.
Looking down on foilage   looking down on foilage
The above pictures were taken looking down on the tree before the scissor pruning work was started.
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