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Case history - 1

This yew was collected in 1997 from the edge of an old school tarmac playing yard against a timber and chain link fence, which the tree had grown between and hence areas of the chain link fence had to be cut away to free the tree. Also a lot of the main thick branches were removed at the time of collection.
The tree was potted up into a large plastic planting tub and left to settle down and produce new growth shoots. These two photos were taken April 2000.

The tree in April 2000
Another view of the tree in April 2000
Tree with some branches removed at workshop

In April 2000 the tree was taken to a workshop with Dan Barton and various design options were looked at. The result would be to create a windswept image incorporating a good deal of interesting deadwood which would be created from major elements of both trunks.

Firstly all the redundant branches were removed or cut back ready to be incorporated into the deadwood elements of the design. This was followed by marking the extent and line of the deadwood areas onto the trunks using chalk in preparation for the next stage of removing the bark from these areas.

Some bark was removed from the trunks

The bark has been removed from sections of both trunks, this will form the areas of deadwood in the design which will be carved to give visual character and to produce areas of light and dark. Care was taken to make sure that the bark was not stripped off right around the trunk as it is the cambium layer just below the bark that feeds the branches and foliage of the tree, so sufficient bark had to be maintained in order to keep the branches and foliage above alive

Another view of trunk with bark removed

Once the bark had been removed from the sections of the tree that would form deadwood elements the initial “rough” carving work could be started. This was done using power tools, comprising mainly of a Makita die grinder fitted with a specialist cutting tool.

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