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Case history - 17

Close up of new shoots

The above photos were taken in May 2013 showing the new shoot extensions starting to emerge. Over the last few years the tree has been maintained with pellet and liquid fertilisers and scissor pruned as required.
This picture was taken a month later and the new growth extensions have now emerged all over the tree.  

On the lower branches of the tree the new shoot extensions are around 65mm long.

Around the apex of the tree where the growth habit is more dominant the new shoot extensions are up to 100mm long.  

Shows foilage removed

  Top of tree after pruning

The new shoot extensions to the crown of the tree were scissor pruned back to leave between 5 and 10mm of new growth.

These photos show the crown after pruning together with the amount of foliage removed.
There was some evidence of woolly aphid attack on some of the new foliage so upon completion of the pruning the tree was sprayed with a systemic insecticide.   Close up of woolly aphids
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