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Case history - 1

This Black Pine was purchased in January 2007 whilst the members of the Artistic Bonsai Circle group were on a visit to a bonsai nursery in the South East of England.
The tree had originated from a nursery in Saitama Prefecture (Japan is divided into 47 Prefectures), Tokyo’s neighbour to the north.


January 2007.
The tree has quite an interesting trunk line and nebari together with good foliage and branch placement radiating fairly evenly around the whole tree.

  View of tree at nursery

Front view of tree

  Back view of tree
Within a few days of purchasing the tree a plain white backdrop was set up to take these three photos of the tree, viewing the front, back and top view looking down on the tree.   Top view of tree
View of roots   Close up of roots
The tree has quite an interesting nebari with a deadwood element to the top section before the first bend in the trunk. A large part of the nebari is also covered with a fine lichen.
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