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Case History - 1

This Yew tree was collected in a forest in South Wales in the Autumn of 1996. It was growing in full sun in the middle of an open space. It was growing on the side of a bank and this accounts for the shape of the roots.

The tree as collected in 1996
Side view of the treeView from the other side

The three photos above were taken in March 1997. When the tree was first brought back it was put into this deep plastic container because there were many big roots, but very few fine roots. It was supported with the piece of wood and left outside in a sheltered spot all Winter.

Photo of the rootsAnother view of roots
In the first week of April 1998 it was decided to pot it into a large oval mica pot. It can be seen that a very large amount of fine roots have developed.
Of the five Yews collected at that time I used the cheapest possible compost because of the large quantity required.
It was: - 30% John Innes No 2, 30% Sedge peat, 40% Horticultural grit.

The roots were soaked in water with Superthrive added before potting up, and sprayed with Superthrive regularly.
Another tree was collected at the same time, but this produced a lot less roots.
The tree that is featured here was kept in quite a bit of sunshine during the summer, but the other tree only got afternoon sun due to lack of room.
Back view of treeFront view of tree
These photos which show the front and back of the tree were taken just before it was taken to a Dan Barton workshop in March 1999.
Tree after removing branches

It was decided that the tree would be cut short and a lot of shari would be created on the remaining part of the trunk.

Click here for the details of work that was done next.

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