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Case history

It was decided to air layer the top of this old collected Hawthorn off (March 2005).  It was air- layered using sphagnum moss and polythene. The air layer was separated later that year and should make a reasonable Shohin size tree.
The resulting tree was wired and trained into a semi-cascade/windswept style. 

Front view of the tree showing air layering
Back view of the tree showing air layering
The tree in leaf after removal of air layered section The new crown of the tree needed some major adjustment, helped with a metal rod. It will be repotted in Spring 2006 into a new pot, and the new front of the tree will be adjusted accordingly.
May 2006.
The tree has been repotted into a Chinese pot (for the short term) and recent vigorous new growth has been trimmed back
March 2007.
The Jins that were roughly made some years ago now needed a little more refinement to better match the character of the tree.  Small detail tools were used at slow speed in a Dremmel power tool initially, and this was followed by the use of hand carving tools and a final brushing with a small wire brush in the Dremmel.   The jins were treated with Lime Sulphur.
Using the Dremmel power tool  for carving
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