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This shows the twin trunk mountain maple soon after its import from Japan into the UK.

The tree before repotting
Close up of soil before works stops
The tree was very pot bound and the root mass was pushing the tree out of the oval pot it was shipped in.
The roots after they have been hosed off
Close up of the roots after washing

The roots were washed with a garden hose to soften and wash away as much old soil as possible. 
The roots were teased out with a root hook, and washed again. 
This process was needed to be repeated many times.  This requires considerable patience, especially when trying to remove the very old compacted soil in the middle of the root ball just under the base of the trunk.


Tip. Note the use of an up-turned plastic crate to raise the tree off the ground and to facilitate easy drainage of waste water and old soil.

Close up of roots from the back

Here you can see that some ugly roots have been cut back to the trunk base, and this will allow us to raise the tree in the pot and expose more nebari
It was decided to remove some, but not all of the lower “sacrificial” branches that the grower had left on. 
Cut paste was used to seal any pruning cuts.

The tree after repotting
Close up of Nebari

The tree was repotted into a temporary Chinese mat glazed pot (as that was all that was to hand at the time).  100%, sieved and graded Akadama was used as the soil. 
The tree was secured into the pot with wires through holes in the base of the pot and over the root mass, in the usual way.
Note the improved nebari.
A glazed custom made or Tokoname pot will be acquired for the tree in the near future.

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