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Case history

This imported tree was produced by air-layering, and was obtained when it when it had few primary branches.  Although it has a reasonable nebari (roots) the “flare” on the left hand side of the trunk needed to be improved.

The tree before work begins
The tree with tree to be used  as a graft
The whip prepared for grafting

It was decided to graft new roots into this area, at repotting in early Spring 2006. The Trident Maple graft material was prepared as pictured right.

The tree after the new roots have been grafted
Details of how this grafting was done can be seen here.
The tree in full leaf

It is critical to get a good fit/ contact between the trunk and the graft.  After a seasons of unchecked growth it was clear that the graft had taken well, and the top of the grafted tree was cut back later in the Autumn of the same year (2006).

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