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Case history
This picture was taken in late 2004 at the Japanese nursery in Omiya village from where this tree was acquired. As you can see, the needles have been cut to profile.  It has good nebari and lovely mature bark.  The primitive pot is unusual and suits the tree well.
The tree at nursery in 2004
The tree before wiring

This is one year later in late 2005.  The needles are a lot smaller (and uncut) and some candle pruning has been done.  The smaller needle size may be also attributable to the fact that the tree has been in this small pot a long time, and it is due to be repotted in 2006.
The lower elements need some wiring now.

The tree after arrival in the UK This is the tree again in 2005 after some wiring, to relate the lower elements back to the horizontal plane again.
Height: 18cm. Spread: 33cm.
September 2006. The tree was repotted this Spring and this has resulted in vigorous growth.
The tree on a stand in Septenber 2006
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