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Case history
The tree as collected

This Hawthorn was created as a bonsai at a masterclass on the 4th October 1998.
The tree had been collected two years before, and has been in this pot for two years before any work was started.
The key at this stage is to select the best trunk line.

Back view of treeFront view of tree

These photos show the front and back view, and the basic structure can be clearly seen. All the dead, crossing, and unwanted branches were removed in order to create a basic trunk line and structure for the tree's future development.

Tree repotted 2001

Spring 2000.
The tree was repotted into a Mica drum pot, in an Akadama based mix.

Spread = 30"
Height = 17"
Pot = 4.75" ht.

Repotted in new pot Spring 2001

Spring 2001.
The tree was repotted into a Dan Barton primitive pot, in an Akadama based mix.

Tree with new buds in 2002

March 2002
Here you can see how the tree is developing as the new buds are beginning to burst.

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