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Techniques - Treating shari & jin
When shari has been created then it is necessary to coat it with lime sulpher to protect the wood, and it is usually necessary to repeat the application twice a year.

In the spring it will usually be found that the coated shari has gone green, and it is necessary to clean this off and the best way is to use an old toothbrush with plenty of water.

When you are satisfied that the shari is clean, then you should wait for it to dry off, and then apply the lime sulpher using a paint brush.

A cloth or some type of cover should be put over the pot as any splashes of lime sulpher are very difficult to remove.

Jin are treated in the same way as this.

The Lime sulpher should be poured into a small container, usually the cap of the bottle. If a couple of drops of washing liquid is added this will help reduce the surface tension and help the wood to wet.
It is also a good idea to cover any of the leaves or branches situated near where you are applying the Lime sulpher, as it is very difficult to remove once it is dry.


The photo above shows cleaning the trunk with a toothbrush and water, but now many of us has found that a much easier way is to use an electric toothbrush as this is much quicker, easier to use, and produces a better finish.
The later type with the rotating heads are even better than the one shown here.

These battery powered toothbrushes can also be used on the trunk and branches, but you have to be careful if the trunk has rough or flaky bark.

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