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Techniques - Preparing a pot to receive a tree
When potting up a tree it is essential that the pot is correctly prepared, and this applies to either a new pot or one that is being used again.

On the right there is a pot that is ready to receive the media.
To get to this stage we have done the following:

  • Made sure that the pot has been adequatelly cleaned.
  • Wire meshhas been put in position and held in place.
  • Wires have been put in position to anchor the tree.
A bonsai pot ready to receive a tree
Twisted wire to hold mesh

The first thing we will look at is anchoring the wire mesh so it does not move when the media and tree are put in place.
For most trees it is adviseable to use 2mm wire for this, and it is bent into shape as shown on the right. The two vertical lengths are positioned so that they fit snugly in the hole.

Below the method of doing this is shown.

A straight piece of wire is selected The wire is twisted around the finger
The wire is now twisted at right angles
The other end of the wire is bent The circle is completed
The wire is now bent down at right angles
The completed wire is pushed through the mesh The wire mesh is put in place in the pot
The wire is pushed back underneath the pot
Click here to get a description of how this was done.
On the next page we will look at an alternative way of doing this.
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