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Techniques - Repotting
Preperations have already been made for the repotting of this tree. The pot has been washed out and the mesh has been fitted in place and the anchorage wire has been fitted as previously described.
The larger media is laid in the pot
View of the bottom of the roots
Akadama media has been placed in the pot and raised up in the centre. On the right we can see the roots which have been completely cleaned out with a hose.
The tree is placed in the pot
The roots are pressed into the media.
The tree has been placed carefully on top of the media so that it can be lined up for the best position in the pot. Position has now been decided and in the photo on the right the tree is bedded down into the media so all the roots make as good contact as possible.
The wire is connected
Pliers are used to tighten the wire
Another check should be made that the tree is in the right position, and then the tying in wires can be connected. Where the wire passes over a root then plastic tubing should be put over the wire to protect the root. Pliers are then used to tighten the wires so they hold the tree firmly in place .
The wires are cut above the join
Smaller Akadama is now added
The rough edges of the tying in wires have been cut off as these can damage your fingers when replacing top dressings. Normally two tying in wires would be used. Once the tree is securely tied then finer Akadama can be added.
More media has been added
A chopstick is used toremove air pockets
After the media has been added it is necessary to fill in all the spaces between the roots to ensure there are no air pockets. A wooden chopstick is the best tool to use for this. When this exercise is complete then the tree should feel very tightly held by the wire.
Top dressing is added
A brush is used to smoth the top dressing
To make the tree look good on the bench many people add a fine Akadama top dressing to give a pleasing appearance. In this case some Fuji grit has been added to the Akadama to further improve the appearance. This top dressing needs to be replaced each year as it can go hard and prevent water passing through.
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