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Techniques - Repotting a hemlock
The tree on a semi-cascade stand

March 2006.
The tree was last re-potted in 2001 so having now been undisturbed in the same pot for five years it is time for a re-pot.


The following sequence of pictures of the re-potting were taken towards the end of March 2006.

Close up view of the base of the trunk
A repotting sickle being used
On the left is the detailed view of the base of the tree. Having rooted around the surface of the compost the tie in wires were located and turned up ready to undo. A re-potting sickle was used to work around the perimeter of the pot to loosen the compost from the pot sides.
The wire ties have been undone and the compost around the perimeter of the pot released such that there is now a narrow trench between the pot sides and the main root ball.

Having turned the tree and pot onto it’s side to cut the tie wires running under the pot we can see that the roots have grown through the drainage holes in the pot.

The tree is released from the pot
We are now starting to ease the tree and root ball out of the pot. After quite some time and effort the tree is eventually released from the pot, and as can be seen there is no shortage of roots.
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