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Repotting a Juniper sargentii
End of March 2006. It is now 14 months since the tree came into the country from Japan, and the right time to re-pot. It was not known when the tree had last been re-potted, though the compost drained well, and it is important with a new tree to know what is going on under the soil. It was also felt that the visual image of the tree and rock would benefit from a better pot. The existing pot though quite a pleasing shape and size did not have a very good quality glaze, it was a patchy dark blue that looked fine when wet but not when dry.

A new Tokoname pot (size 510 x 380 x 63mm) was chosen for the tree and prepared ready for re-potting by securing mesh squares to the pot drainage holes.

A view of the pot with mesh squares fitted
In this view of the front of the tree the tying in wire can clearly be seen at the base of the rock, in addition there is quite a large surface root, which sticks up out of the soil in an unsightly manor.
Front of the tree showing the tie in wire
Front view of the roots
Surface roots at back of tree
On the left is a detail view of the front surface root, together with the tie in wires that can be clearly seen at the base of the rock. On the right is a detail view of the surface roots to the back of the tree.
The tree is being taken out of the pot
The pot after the tree has been removed

The tie in wires were released and the tree eased out of the pot. The pot is quite shallow, only 40mm internal depth, (around 55mm overall pot depth) and the tree had formed a good root- ball, which filled the whole pot.

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