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Techniques - Repairing rotton wood
This page describes a method that was used when rotten wood was found at the base of a tree and describes how wood hardener was applied.
This photo shows the base of the trunk of a Yew where it enters the soil. It was found to be very wet and the wood was rotting away Rotting wood at base of trunk
When the tree was being repotted the opportunity was taken to try and stop the rotting wood.
The damaged wood was removed with a scraper so as to get down to good wood.
The trunk after rotten wood was removed
The area was then cleaned up using an electric tooth brush, and when it was almost dry it was coated with lime sulpher as can be seen in this photo. Treated with lime sulpher
It was then left for a couple of days under cover until the lime sulpher had dried as can be seen here. The lime sulpher has dried white

Cuprinol Wood Hardener was then painted on as shown on the right. When this was almost dry then a second coat was applied.
The manufacturer states that 2 or 3 coats can be applied, but when a third coat was tried it no longer soaked into the wood and so was not applied.

Treating with wood hardener
This photo was taken 24 hours later and shows the hardener had dried completely. Hardener has dried
The potting media in this area was then put back in place, but it was kept at a lower level than when it was previously potted so the effect on the wood can be checked. Moss will not be allowed to grow in this area as it causes damp. Soil is replaced
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