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Techniques - Constructing garden stands
Display of trees in Autumn colours

It is always important to be able to display bonsai in their own space within the garden so that like any piece of art they are shown off to their best.  This will also help to provide sufficient light and air for them to thrive.
This article will explain how two of our members solved the problem, and it has been copied by several others in our group.


The trees and bushes are removed

Here you can see the above display area at an early stage in its development.   It was full of conifers which had to be cleared first.  The wall will provide shelter and the potential to provide a suitable “backdrop” for the display area.

The path is marked out
The soil is dug out
All the materials are ready to start The area has been cleared and a route cut through the lawn for a small path.  Short pressure treated logs will provide a means to separate the garden area from either side of the planned gravelled display area.
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